Between my vision & Ryan’s engineer background, we truly are the “dream team” when it comes to DIY. There really isn’t anything that we can’t build together. You’ll find everything here like predator proofing a chicken tractor, building a toxin-free raised bed and choosing the best plastic for a greenhouse.

DIY doesn’t stop at building things, though. There are many household projects that you can make yourself! Follow along to learn how to make your own chapstick, tallow balm, and more!

Soothing Chickweed Salve Recipe

4 tins of chickweed salve on a wooden table with fresh chickweed nearby

This soothing chickweed salve recipe is an absolute staple on our homestead. Insect bites, rashes, cuts and burns are common occurrences around here and my chickweed salve always saves the day! The best thing about using chickweed is that it’s a common “weed” that grows just about everywhere. You likely have some growing in your …

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How To: Toxin-Free Raised Bed Liner

A close-up photo of an empty raised bed

Raised garden beds are excellent to grow vegetables in, however, finding inexpensive and toxin-free materials can be a real challenge.  I’ve been experimenting with different raised bed materials for years and have finally landed on the perfect combination of durability + low cost + non-toxic materials. In this article, I’ll share with you my easy …

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DIY Whipped Tallow Balm

4oz jar of whipped tallow balm sitting on a wooden table with a spoonful in front of it

Are you looking for an anti-aging solution to your skin care routine? What if I told you that you could have glowing, nourished skin in the middle of winter with simple, local ingredients? Tallow balm has been prized for skincare for centuries because it’s highly compatible with our skin and packed full of anti-aging nutrients. …

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Lip Balm DIY Recipe

DIY Chapstick Pour

Have you ever noticed that the more you use lip balm, the more “addicted” to it you become? That’s because most lip balms that you buy at the store are LOADED with inflammatory and irritating ingredients. Instead of soothing and healing your lips, they’re just making things worse. In this post, I’ll be discussing these …

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