Soothing Chickweed Salve Recipe

4 tins of chickweed salve on a wooden table with fresh chickweed nearby

This soothing chickweed salve recipe is an absolute staple on our homestead. Insect bites, rashes, cuts and burns are common occurrences around here and my chickweed salve always saves the day! The best thing about using chickweed is that it’s a common “weed” that grows just about everywhere. You likely have some growing in your …

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How to Use Neem Oil on Tomato Plants

Spraying neem oil onto a tomato plant using a spraying wand

Have you been thinking about using neem oil on your tomato plants? Neem oil is a versatile, natural product that all organic gardeners should have on hand, especially when growing tomatoes!  Not only does neem oil help repel common tomato pests, but it controls fungal and bacterial diseases as well. However, not all neem oil …

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Fermented Turnips Recipe (Sauerruben)

Fermented Turnips or Sauerruben freshly made in a jar on the counter with a turnip next to it.

Fermented turnips (sauerruben) are super easy to make and have many health benefits! They are teaming with gut-loving probiotics, plus turnips are full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and have powerful detoxification and cancer-fighting properties. Unfortunately, turnips are often forgotten about and overshadowed by the popular fermented cabbage (sauerkraut). However, turnips are easier to grow than …

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