Water Glassing Eggs for Storage

A half gallon glass mason jar filled with eggs and a lime mixture

Have you made the dreaded “trip of shame” to the grocery store to buy eggs when your ladies have slowed down in the winter? Ugh. Me, too! That is, until I discovered water glassing eggs! Water glassing eggs is a simple, old-fashioned way to preserve eggs for long-term storage.  In this article, we’ll discuss everything …

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Tallow vs Lard: Which One to Use?

A spoonful of tallow and a spoonful of lard. Spoons are crossed in an x shape.

Are you unsure when to use tallow vs lard, and if they really are healthy to use? As a traditionally-trained dietitian and child of the 80’s where saturated fat was universally shamed, I understand the hesitancy! Tallow and lard have been common ingredients in kitchens for centuries and they are starting to make a big …

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The 8 Best Egg Incubators in 2022

Staging photo of 3 different incubators on a kitchen island

You’ve decided to hatch your own chickens, but there are hundreds of egg incubators to choose from. How do you pick the best one for you?! I’ve been hatching chicken eggs for years and have used several different incubators along the way. I’ve had great successes and failures, both of which I’ve learned a lot from. …

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