Health & Homesteading

I've been a dietitian since 2010 and have a passion for Integrative & Functional Nutrition (IFN). IFN seeks to identify the root cause of symptoms and disorders rather than just symptom management. It empowers the individual to truly heal vs "make do." I am so excited to share this type of information with you!

Here you'll also find core information related to what you need to know for homesteading. Everything from where to start, my favorite homesteading tools, where to track down raw milk, and more!
A stack of the best homesteading books on a wooden kitchen table
Health & Homesteading

The 22 BEST Homesteading Books

If you’re looking for the BEST homesteading books on the market, look no further! These books will help you learn how to grow and preserve your own food, raise chickens, make herbal medicine, and put meat on the table. Bonus: My top 3 homestead cookbooks! These are excellent books to have on your shelf whether

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