From Scratch Recipes

Looking for new recipes to try with all of your garden produce? Are you hesitant to sign up for a CSA because you don't know what to do with it all? Look no further.

My recipes are unlike traditional recipes. They are flexible and can adjust to whatever you have on hand! No more dependence on the grocery for missing ingredients. A true homesteading resource!
A skinless young chicken in the crockpot to slow cook
Farm-to-Table Recipes

Cooking a Rooster: The Basics

Cooking a rooster is pretty easy, but it can be intimidating for first-timers! It’s definitely a lost art that was daily life in our great-grandparent’s era. Let’s bring it back! Roosters are delicious and make for an easy meal. We harvest 10-15 of our extra roosters from hatching every year, and they nourish our bodies

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Quiche Main Photo Cropped
Farm-to-Table Recipes

Gluten Free Quiche With Garden Veggies

Do you have a pile of veggies from your garden or CSA and you’re looking for a great gluten free quiche recipe to dump them all in? Have you been avoiding quiche entirely because you’re sensitive to gluten? You came to the right place. This recipe is an absolute staple in our house and a

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