Preserve Your Harvest

You've expanded your garden and have a surplus of produce... now what?

Food preservation is a critical skill for those looking to become more self-sufficient. Having a shelf full of food to carry you through the winter is such a blessing! There are many ways of preserving and I'll fill you in on each and every one, plus the nutritional aspects that come along with processing.
Glass canning jars filled with carrots to be fermented on an outside deck table.
Preserve Your Harvest

Principles for Food Preservation in 2022

Growing your own food is an excellent start to self-sufficiency, however, once you master the main principles for food preservation while maximizing nutritional value… you’ll be unstoppable!   There’s nothing more fulfilling than enjoying your homegrown veggies on a -20 degree day in January. It’s also incredibly comforting in today’s world of food insecurity. In this

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