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A close-up photo of an empty raised bed

How To: Toxin-Free Raised Bed Liner

Raised garden beds are excellent to grow vegetables in, however, finding inexpensive and toxin-free materials can be a real challenge.  I’ve been experimenting with different raised bed materials for years and have finally landed on the perfect combination of durability + low cost + non-toxic materials. In this article, I’ll share with you my easy

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Vertical Garden Supply kit on display with many plants on an outside patio

The 6 Best Vertical Garden Kits in 2022

Vertical gardening is rapidly becoming a popular way to grow food and utilizing vertical garden kits makes it easier than ever! Vertical gardening is a great solution for those living in an apartment or city lot who are short on gardening space. It’s also ideal for avid gardeners (like me!) who like to keep their

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Pepper seedlings in a 6 pod planter

10 Tips for Starting Pepper Seeds Indoors

Are you starting pepper seeds indoors this year? You’ll definitely want to read this! Peppers are a classic in the garden and provide a wide range of colors and flavors. Like bold and spicy? No problem. Like mild and sweet? They can do that, too.  While they seem like a simple vegetable to grow, starting

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A grey baby chick being held by a hand
Raise Chickens

Brooding in Poultry – Everything You Need to Know!

If you are raising baby chicks this year or in the near future, then you definitely need to know the ins and outs about brooding in poultry! There’s nothing more exciting than having baby chicks around in the spring. They don’t need much, but making sure that they have the proper set up and care

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A half gallon glass mason jar filled with eggs and a lime mixture
Preserve Your Harvest

Water Glassing Eggs for Storage

Have you made the dreaded “trip of shame” to the grocery store to buy eggs when your ladies have slowed down in the winter? Ugh. Me, too! That is, until I discovered water glassing eggs! Water glassing eggs is a simple, old-fashioned way to preserve eggs for long-term storage.  In this article, we’ll discuss everything

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Stalks of rhubarb laying on the grass next to a purple kohlrabi

Rhubarb Companion Plants: Friend or Foe?

If you are planning to grow rhubarb this year or want some tips to grow it better, this article is for YOU! Companion planting is a common method used to maximize space and improve the health of your plants. A little planning can go a long way. Rhubarb has a lot of companion plants (friends),

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