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A spoonful of lard next to a spoonful of tallow
Health & Homesteading

Tallow and Lard: The Saturated Fat Controversy

Is tallow and lard really okay to use now? Isn’t saturated fat bad for us? As a conventionally-trained dietitian and child of the 80’s when saturated fat was universally shamed, I understand the hesitancy! Now that I’m no longer practicing in the conventional medical system and have been able to look at the research critically,

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Farm-to-Table Recipes

Tallow vs Lard: Which One to Use?

When comparing tallow vs lard for the first time, it can be hard to know which one to use. Is tallow better for candles or cooking? Is lard best for lotions or pie crusts? If you’re wondering this, you’re in the right place! Tallow and lard have been common ingredients in kitchens for centuries and

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3 tallow candles in 8 oz glass containers sitting on a wooden cutting board

How to Make Tallow Candles

Making tallow candles is seriously SO easy, and inexpensive, supports local farms, and provides a toxin-free alternative to modern candles. Both beef and venison tallow work great for making these candles! I love a true nose-to-tail strategy so that nothing goes to waste. These homemade tallow candles are wonderful to have on hand in case

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Mature red ranger broilers inside a chicken tractor
Raise Chickens

Why You Should Raise Ranger Meat Chickens

If you’ve been questioning the quality of grocery store chicken and want to increase your self-sufficiency, you’re in the right place! Raising your own meat chickens is one of the best ways to solve all of these concerns!  Growing garden produce and raising chickens for eggs is an excellent start, however, once you can put meat

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A glass bowl full of freshly harvested sunflower microgreens sitting on a kitchen countertop
Grow Your Own Food

What Type of Microgreens Should I Grow?

It can be hard to decide which type of microgreens to grow – the options are overwhelming! There are hundreds of options out there, each with its own flavor profile, nutritional value, and skill level to grow. Which one is right for YOU? In this article, we’ll break down each type of microgreen out there

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A photo showing a basket full of colorful eggs outside.
Preserve Your Harvest

How to Store Farm Fresh Eggs

Whether you’re a backyard homesteader or have access to a local farm, you may be wondering how to store farm fresh eggs the RIGHT way. Should they be washed or remain unwashed? In the fridge or on the counter? How long do they last? What is a bloom coating? If you’re wondering these questions, you’re

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