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A simply wrapped gift with brown paper and twine.
Health & Homesteading

30 Useful Gifts for Homesteaders

Trying to find the perfect gifts for homesteaders? Look no further! While homesteaders may seem like a tough crowd to shop for, fear not. These practical individuals appreciate tools that make their tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Whether you’re shopping for a budding homesteader or a seasoned pro, these items will undoubtedly bring a smile

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A photo showing chickens picking the meat off of deer bones outside
Raise Chickens

Do Chickens Eat Meat? Is It Safe?

You’ve heard of chickens eating bugs, but do chickens eat meat? This is a controversial topic in the world of chicken keeping, but it really is pretty straightforward once you get comfortable with the concept! Chickens are omnivores, through and through. When I see “vegetarian fed” proudly displayed on egg cartons at the grocery store

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Several incubators on display on a kitchen island
Raise Chickens

The 8 BEST Egg Incubators in 2024

You’ve decided to hatch your own chickens, but there are hundreds of egg incubators to choose from. How do you go about picking the best egg incubator for you?! I’ve been hatching chicken eggs for years and have used several different incubators along the way. I’ve had great successes and failures, both of which I’ve learned

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Soil pH testers set up in the garden next to each other
Grow Your Own Food

The 5 Best Soil pH Testers in 2024

If your garden plants are stunted and not growing well, then acquiring the best soil pH tester on the market is a great first step to diagnosing the issue! Many people forget about testing the pH of their garden soil, so make sure that you aren’t making this common mistake. Soil pH testers provide valuable

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A photo showing kombucha bottles next to ingredients on a kitchen island
Farm-to-Table Recipes

The BEST Kombucha Ratio for a Tasty Brew

The key to a tasty brew is getting that kombucha ratio just right! You’ll find many different kombucha ratios on the internet, but how do you know which one is best? My recipe has been perfected over many years of brewing with careful attention to all of the factors involved. Am I just lucky? Nope!

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DIY Lip Balm Recipe

Ready to make your own DIY lip balm and toss the inflammatory store-bought stuff away? Heck yes! I’m sure you’ve noticed that the more you use store-bought lip balm, the more “addicted” to it you become. Yikes! That’s because most lip balms that you buy at the store are LOADED with inflammatory and irritating ingredients.

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