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A half gallon glass mason jar filled with eggs and a lime mixture
Preserve Your Harvest

Water Glassing Eggs for Storage

Have you made the dreaded “trip of shame” to the grocery store to buy eggs when your ladies have slowed down in the winter? Ugh. Me, too! That is, until I discovered water glassing eggs! Water glassing eggs is a simple, old-fashioned way to preserve eggs for long-term storage.  In this article, we’ll discuss everything

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A spoonful of refried beans in front of a copper pot
Farm-to-Table Recipes

Homestead Refried Beans (Plus, Canning Tips!)

No journey toward self-sufficiency is complete without cooking and canning refried beans! Dried beans are inexpensive, shelf-stable, nutritious and complete meal on their own! They just take a little preparation, but it’s totally worth the effort. In this recipe, I’ll share how to properly soak beans and make the BEST refried beans you’ll ever have.

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