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A glass bowl full of freshly harvested sunflower microgreens sitting on a kitchen countertop
Grow Your Own Food

What Type of Microgreens Should I Grow?

It can be hard to decide which type of microgreens to grow – the options are overwhelming! There are hundreds of options out there, each with its own flavor profile, nutritional value, and skill level to grow. Which one is right for YOU? In this article, we’ll break down each type of microgreen out there

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A photo showing a basket full of colorful eggs outside.
Preserve Your Harvest

How to Store Farm Fresh Eggs

Whether you’re a backyard homesteader or have access to a local farm, you may be wondering how to store farm fresh eggs the RIGHT way. Should they be washed or remain unwashed? In the fridge or on the counter? How long do they last? What is a bloom coating? If you’re wondering these questions, you’re

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A vertical photo showing the finished quiche recipe
Farm-to-Table Recipes

Gluten Free Quiche With Garden Veggies

Making a gluten-free quiche is a great way to use up that pile of veggies from your garden or CSA. Plus, it’s delicious! Even if you’re not sensitive to gluten, this quiche recipe is sure to please and the crust is SO easy to make!  In this recipe, I’ll share my favorite veggie combinations plus

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A photo showing an All-American canner on a range with a wooden background
Preserve Your Harvest

Pressure Canning: A Step-By-Step Guide

Pressure canning can feel really scary in the beginning. I get it! I was nervous when I started too, but with my step-by-step guide it’ll feel like a breeze and you’ll wish that you had tried it earlier!  Pressure canning is a wonderful way to open up your options beyond just pickles and tomato sauce.

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A photo of carrot sticks in glass mason jars with carrot greens behind it.
Preserve Your Harvest

Principles for Food Preservation

Growing your own food is an excellent start to self-sufficiency, however, once you master the main principles for food preservation while maximizing nutritional value… you’ll be unstoppable!   There’s nothing more fulfilling than enjoying your homegrown veggies on a -20 degree day in January. It’s also incredibly comforting in today’s world of food insecurity. In this

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DIY Whipped Tallow Balm (Only 3 Ingredients!)

My whipped tallow balm recipe is a staple on our homestead and I know you’ll LOVE it, too! It’s inexpensive, easy to make, toxin-free (unlike most lotions at the store), and can be whipped up using local ingredients. Wahoo! Tallow balm has been prized for skincare for centuries because it’s highly compatible with our skin

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