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4 soil pH testers inserted into the soil of a raised bed
Grow Your Own Food

The 5 Best Soil pH Testers in 2023

Are your garden plants stunted and not growing well? There’s a good chance your soil pH is off! Using the best soil pH tester on the market will ensure that you grow your best garden yet! Many people skip this step, so make sure that you aren’t making this common mistake. Soil pH testers are

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A dark colored hen sitting in a chicken nesting box that is perfectly sized for her
Raise Chickens

Ultimate Guide to Chicken Nesting Box Size

Are you building or updating a coop, but you’re not sure what chicken nesting box size to use? You’re in the right place! I’ve been raising chickens for years and have experimented with many different sizes and styles of nesting boxes along the way. The type and size that you need depends on your flock

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Sliced dried radishes (radish chips) laid out in an artistic manner next to dried radish greens
Preserve Your Harvest

Dried Radishes for Winter Storage

If you are growing radishes in your garden this year, don’t miss this opportunity to preserve some dried radishes to enjoy during the cold days of winter! Growing food during the summer is great, but being able to preserve some of your harvest for winter storage is a HUGE step in becoming self-sufficient. The good

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A pepper plant sitting on a deck railing with scissors set just about to top the pepper plant
Grow Your Own Food

Topping Pepper Plants – Should You Do It?

Have you been hearing about gardeners topping their pepper plants? While it seems scary, it’s true! Topping pepper plants is an easy practice that many of us use to increase pepper yields and strengthen the plant. However, not all pepper plants should be topped! Don’t do it just yet! In this article, we’ll review the

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Gluten free rhubarb crumble freshly baked and out of the oven
Farm-to-Table Recipes

Garden Fresh Rhubarb Crumble (Gluten Free!)

I’ve been making this gluten free rhubarb crumble for YEARS and it’s a classic in our home. Not only is it gluten free, but it’s a reduced-sugar recipe that you can feel good about using over and over. Rhubarb is delightfully tangy and a classic addition in any garden, large or small. Rhubarb is one

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3 tomato plants in a row along a building. Planted in black grow bags.
Grow Your Own Food

Growing Tomatoes in Grow Bags: A Comprehensive Guide

Growing tomatoes in grow bags is rapidly becoming a popular way to garden in small spaces while reducing disease pressure.  As someone who has never been able to grow a tomato due to heavy blight in my area, using grow bags has made growing tomatoes possible for me! In this article, we’ll discuss which grow

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