Raise Chickens

Raising chickens is a great place to start when you’re ready to expand your skills in self-sufficiency because they are small in size, inexpensive compared to other livestock, and who doesn’t like delicious eggs?!

I believe in a pastured-approach so that the resulting eggs and meat are nutritionally-dense while allowing the chickens to live a full and happy life out foraging for bugs & fresh greens.

In this category, you will find information about treating bumblefoot, the best incubators, and even raising red ranger meat chickens.

Fairy Eggs: My Chicken Laid What!?

Holding a fairy egg between 3 fingers in front of a wooden table

Have you found a miniature egg in your hens’ laying box? Don’t panic! These are called fairy eggs and can happen for many different reasons. Most of the time, they are nothing to worry about and are just a fun surprise from time-to-time. In this article we’ll discuss what fairy eggs are exactly, how they …

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Are Chickens Noisy?

Close up of rooster crowing

If you want to get chickens and have neighbors nearby, you’re likely pondering this question – “Are chickens noisy?”  Adding chickens to your backyard is a great step to self-sufficiency, but you’ll want to be sure that you’re prepared for the potential noise before you commit. If you already own chickens and just want to …

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The 8 Best Egg Incubators in 2023

Staging photo of 3 different incubators on a kitchen island

You’ve decided to hatch your own chickens, but there are hundreds of egg incubators to choose from. How do you pick the best one for you?! I’ve been hatching chicken eggs for years and have used several different incubators along the way. I’ve had great successes and failures, both of which I’ve learned a lot from. …

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